Farm Fresh & Local

cJust what is 'local' food? Depending on who you talk to it could mean anything from within the boundaries of your town or community to within the boundaries of your state and further. There are those that promote local as being within a 100 mile radius, as in the 100 Mile Diet. Local, however, to keep things simple, means as close to home as possible.  It starts in your own backyard and works it's way outward.  If you can't find what you want close by you simply have to go further to find it.  Our diets have become accustomed to a wide variety of products, some that may not even grow in our region.  It takes determination to change old habits and eat only locally grown products, but we can use common sense and buy those items that are grown locally and support our farmers and community.  We then just extend this further to make sure we buy products produced in our state over other states, as in Florida citrus over California citrus, and extending this further to include products produced in the USA rather than purchasing the same product produced in another country.

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