IBC packaging systems

Choose high quality IBC packaging systems

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) packaging systems are reusable, stackable and multi-use containers used majorly by industries to hold, ship, and store products in different forms. They are mainly categorised as rigid and flexible tanks. IBCs come in different shapes. Your…

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IBC container monitoring

IBC container monitoring solutions

Intermediate Bulky Containers (IBCs) are among the most popular options for storage and transportation of bulk powders and liquids in today’s shipping industry. Different industries rely on IBCs to hold and ship valuable substances, including grains, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, liquids, and…

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Introducing the Farm Fresh Community Market

Just as Gainesville Farm Fresh brings you resources on sustainable agriculture and our local food community, The Farm Fresh Community Market debuts as Gainesville’s online marketplace that will put you in touch with our local farmers, producers and their products.  Here you will have…

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