Choose high quality IBC packaging systems

IBC packaging systems

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) packaging systems are reusable, stackable and multi-use containers used majorly by industries to hold, ship, and store products in different forms. They are mainly categorised as rigid and flexible tanks. IBCs come in different shapes. Your choice will depend wholly on the space efficiency of your store or delivery service and the kind of product you wish to transport.

The containers are made of high density plastic and the outside is reinforced with an iron cage with a pallet attached to the cage at the base. The top has a filling cap that is airtight and at the bottom is an outlet valve. The quality of these containers makes them suitable for holding and transporting even the most corrosive products. With the various manufacturers in the market today, choosing quality IBC containers can be challenging. However, with manufacturers such as Schutz IBC UK, you can be sure of quality containers to suit your needs. Here is how to choose high quality IBC packaging system.

Quality and Affordable IBC Packaging Systems

The containers come in different shapes and sizes. They have a liquid capacity of 450 – 3,000 litres. Shipping any kind o products, especially large shipments, can be quite costly. However, it becomes less expensive when you ship your products in a large quantity at the same time. The huge capacity that these containers hold makes them ideal for shipping bulk goods all at once. Shipping of bulk liquids has not only been made easy, but it has also been made less costly thanks to the IBC containers. The containers can also be stacked together saving on space in the warehouse or stores. One of the best manufacturers is the Schutz IBC. This packaging system is highly used due to its low cost, durability, and versatility. Check out the different shapes sizes and offers on the website

Multiple Usage

The high density polyethene (plastic) is ideal for the storage and transport of both hazardous and non-hazardous products. They are ideal for safely transporting dangerous and highly corrosive products. Some of the companies make the containers in different colours suggesting how dangerous the products in transit are. Schutz IBC fittings valves, the filling and the outlet are made in a manner that eases filling and empting of the products. You can, therefore, find the ideal IBC container for your needs from a number of containers offered by Schutz IBC UK.

They are Reusable

The container can be washed out and reused to repackage different products. It should be washed thoroughly to remove any residual from the previous materials. The container is reinforced with iron cage and can be used for water storage. The plastic is safe to store water for human consumption. The reconditioning is a great plus for saving on storage tanks in any plant. However, when shipping food in IBC container, you will need to use a new packaging system for general safety. One of the valves might leak in foreign chemicals into the food for example.

Intermediate Bulk Containers reduce product waste

Every business wants to use up to the last drop of the purchased product. Storage systems used in shipping such as drums may not make it easy to empty all the contents. They also don’t have a gate valve to regulate the outflow. Some contents will ultimately spill off. IBC schutz containers are made in such a way that they are easy to clean with a nozzle attached to the front. This approach helps in completely empting the product. This with large production plants is a big advantage saving on production cost.

Easy and Safe to Work With

The plastic is made of a High Density Polythene (HDPE) which is light, resistant to corrosion and safe. Most containers are designed as cubes to save on space. Cubic containers will cover a smaller area efficiently compared to other shapes. The bottom is designed in such a way that it is easy to be picked up by a pallet jack or a forklift. Also, they can be moved directly without being placed on a pallet. The reinforcement makes it possible to be stack up together in the warehouse. It is safe for warehouse staff to work with them and for inventory.

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