Getting Ready for Earth Day: Eat Local Food

When it comes to learning more & doing more to make your life greener and getting ready for Earth Day, the choices you make in the food you eat every day can make a tremendous impact. There are lots of food choices that you can make that are better than pesticide-laden conventional, hormone-injected factory-farmed food; today we'll concentrate on a few of the benefits and strategies for eating local. 1) Why eat local? We partnered up with EarthTalk to explain the ins and outs of the environmental benefits of eating local. 2) Here are 10 more reasons to eat local along with a handy PDF for easy printing and distribution. 3) Local Harvest is one of the most comprehensive, complete resources for find local food near you. 4) One of the difficulties of eating local is dealing with the changing seasons (and generally smaller harvests in winter) but it's possible to eat local all year 'round. 5) Among its many benefits, local food is more nutritious, even in the winter. 6) Local food is becoming big enough that it was even featured on the cover of Time magazine. 7) If finding time to get to the farmer's market each week proves difficult, joining a community supported agriculture (CSA) co-op like this one is a good alternative. 8) Eating local food can seem restrictive in terms of ingredients, but there are good examples of local food menusthat can make a seemingly small amount of choices go further. To learn more about making Earth Day-friendly food choices, check out our How to Green Your Meals guide and stay tuned for more tips as the big day approaches.

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